Cities offers many options to help grow your money.



Cities Credit Union offers many savings options tailored to your lifestyle and needs. Deposits are insured up to $250,000 per member account by the NCUA (National Credit Union Administration). See rates and product descriptions below:

Cities Credit Union Savings Rates
Share/Secondary Savings Accounts (effective 7-28-20)
$200 - 2,499 $2,500 - 24,999 $25,000 - 49,999 $50,000+
.01% APY.05% APY.03% APY.05% APY 
Save For Something and Holiday Accounts (effective 7-28-20)
No minimum balance required.05% APY (all balances)
WinCentive™ Account (effective 7-28-20)
Balances of $10 and over0.50% APY
Money Market Accounts (effective 7-28-20)
$10 - 2,4999$2,500 - 24,999$25,000 - 49,999$50,000+
.01% APY.10% APY.15% APY.20% APY
Certificates of Deposit (effective 1-11-21)
term$500 - 9,999$10,000- 49,999$50,000+ 
6 month CD and IRA.15% APY.20% APY.25% APY
   *w/qualifying relationship.40% APY.45% APY.50% APY
12 month CD and IRA.15% APY.25% APY.35% APY
   *w/qualifying relationship  .40% APY.40% APY.60% APY
18 month CD.15% APY.25% APY  .35% APY
   *w/qualifying relationship.40% APY.50% APY.60% APY
24 month CD and IRA.15% APY.30% APY.45% APY
    *w/qualifying relationship.40% APY.55% APY.70% APY
36 month CD and IRA.20% APY.35% APY.50% APY
   *w/qualifying relationship.45% APY.60% APY .75% APY  

Share Savings Account (suffix 01)

Your Share Savings Account is your membership account in the credit union. All members must have a share savings account with $5 minimum balance.

- $5 minimum balance required
- Dividends are calculated on the average daily balance
- Dividends paid to account quarterly
- Direct deposit or payroll deduction are also available for your convenience
- ATM cards available for convenient cash access at over 30,000 fee-free ATMs via the MoneyPass™ Network

Save For Something/Secondary Savings Accounts (suffix 02 - 09)

Cities offers a unique savings product ensured to help you save. Just simply tell us what you are saving for and we'll help you get there. Once you've saved for something, save for something else.

Money Market Savings Account (suffix 60)

Cities Credit Union offers money market accounts for those members who like to invest but need flexible access to their funds.

- No minimum balance required
- Earns higher yields/dividends 
- Dividends calculated on the average daily balance
- Dividends paid to the account monthly
- Six free withdrawals permitted per month

WinCentive™ Savings Account (suffix 80)

Cities Credit Union offers special saving accounts geared to help members asave money--with a chance of winning cash prizes.

- Minimum opening deposit: $5
- Member must live in Minnesota to qualify
- Members are eligible for monthly $100 statewide drawings for each $25 deposited each month
- Members are also eligible for an additional $25 cash prize from Cities CU
- Learn more

Holiday Savings Account (suffix 20)

A holiday savings account can make it easy to save for holiday purchases. You decide how much to put away each month or each payday.

- The balance along with dividends will be transferred to your share savings account on the first business day of October - just in time for holiday shopping.
- Set up automatic direct deposits to make this an even better way to save

Li'l Wags Ruff House Club (Kids' Club)

Special savings account for children ages newborn to 12 years.

- Minimum balance required $5
- All new Li'L Wags members receive a Li'L Wags bank and special old-fashioned passbook to track the account
- Fun trinket given for each deposit
- Extra special trinket when child reaches 10 deposits

Certificate of Deposits (CDs)

Certificates are secure savings tools that earn competitive yields and are designed to earn money over the long haul.

- Available in terms ranging from 6-months to 36-months
- Interest compounds quarterly and can be paid directly to your certificate, paid to your credit union account or dividends paid directly to you
- Automatically renews for a like term at the interest rate in effect on the date of maturity
- Rate bump of .50% with qualifying relationship (*call for details)

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)

Cities offers Traditional and Roth IRA savings products. Cities offers regular and certificate ($500 minimum balance) IRA accounts. Dividends are  

Traditional IRA
- Contributions are made with pre-tax assets
- Contributions could be tax-deductible, if you qualify (see your tax consultant for more information)
- Earnings accumulated are tax-deferred

Roth IRA
- Offers a unique savings opportunity
- Contributions are made with after-tax assets
- Withdrawals are usually tax-free
- A safe and easy way to save for retirement

Financial Planning

Cities has a network of preferred financial planners available to members. Please contact us for more information.





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